How to ‘The Division 2’ Is Getting Even More Content Updates
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How to ‘The Division 2’ Is Getting Even More Content Updates

Ubisoft Massive has confirmed that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will feature more content, after which its final title was expected to be updated.

After a launch that did not live up to Ubisoft’s expectations and the massive announcement is now working on a licensed Star Wars game, many assumed that the development of the Division 2 would end. It is also largely implied that the title update 12 will be the final, which will be called the season released with “End of Watch”.

However, an announcement made on the game’s official Twitter feed stated that it is now “the initial stage of development for fresh content later in 2021”. It is implied in the announcement that this will come as another numbered title update, stating that “Title Update 12 was originally the last major title update for Division 2”.

Largely no indication has been given as to what the material will be, although I would not expect any large-scale expansion, as we had with the chieftains of New York. I still hold out hope for the excellent Survival Game Mode of the first game to come out in The Division 2, but there is also the possibility that it may be similar to more content from Year 2, including events and goals throughout the year Can be rotated.

Honestly, I fell away from Division 2 at the time when the New York chieftains were launched. It was a victim of bad times, showing plague-stricken New York with an elaboration showing the bodies gathering on the streets as well as continuing that this is happening for real thanks I’m sure I can say Am not alone at the time it couldn’t stomach it at all, and has since sunk under a wave of ongoing updates.

While Division 2 is now in its twilight years, I think that would largely benefit from the focus on bringing in players who went back into the fold with these last few content updates.

According to Massive, we won’t have to wait too long before hearing about 2021 in store for Division 2, as it says it will share more information “as soon as possible”.

While I have appreciated the early days of the new season of Destiny 2, which I consider to be a significant upgrade over the Season of the Hunt, something is … very strange going on right now that includes the Destiny 1 strike.

Destiny 2 launched this week’s season, and even though its roadmap states that both Devils’ Laird and Fallen SABR Strike must go live, the Folein SABR Strike is nowhere to be found.

It is not in the playlist, you cannot select it from the director. It is nowhere.

There are some theories that the Fallen SABER strike will not last until next night, maybe next week, but that was never said by Bungie, and I did not ask him, I did not hear back about what was happening.

But even this is not the full extent of the strange.

In fact, neither Devils Lair nor Fallen SABR can be selected from the director at all, and even though Devils Lair is the Nightfall Ordel this week, there is no “normal” version of it in the Vangaloo playlist.

And I also have a different bug that I’ve heard echoed by some people where Devils Ordinary Nightfall has zero voice lines. It is supposed to have the old Destiny 1 dialogue, but I have just run it six times, and have never heard a voice line (it has also enhanced some other activities, such as the Clovis Exo Challenge).

Many Destiny players have commented that with the arrival of Fallen SABER and Devils Laire at the Cosmodrome, the Cosmodrome itself had to expand in patrol size. But this has not happened. I wasn’t sure what Bungie promised, but sure in the “Destiny of the Destiny” article coming back in June, he said that in season 13, the Cosmodrome would be closer to “full destiny 1 parity” instead of 40. -50% is what we have right now. Now, this was eight months ago, so plans may have changed, but we haven’t heard anything one way or the other, and some clarity about what’s going on would be good. It is very strange that the game now exists due to these attacks in these extended patrol areas, and yet we… cannot go near them in patrol, and this map has not changed at all.

Luck has seen its fair share of bugs in the past, but I have no idea how you completely strike out. Yes, I think just some roadmap could have gone wrong and it shouldn’t have been launched until next week night or something else, but there are a lot of other weird issues here that I can’t figure out. Like why won’t Devil’s Lair be in the pawn playlist? Why should I not listen to a strike dialog? Where is the rest of the map? It’s a lot of stuff grouped together, and while Bungie has addressed a number of issues with the season of Choson (yesterday’s eyes were accidentally closed, it turns out) we haven’t heard anything about it Where can SABER be, or are these other issues.

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