The All-new Sennheiser CX 300-ii Headphones

It surprises some of us how we are so heavily surrounded by new gadgets and technology, but without these products we also do feel handicapped. Headphones are such a need these days, specially when we have our plans set on exercising. Weather it is going out a run, working out at the gym or talking a walk, we need the headphones and we need ones that give us the feel of the music, or as any musician would say, give us a good bass.

The new Sennheiser CX 300 – II is a quality product that keeps the brand promise. Sennheiser the company is known for its amazing quality products of headphones, and this new addition to their already amazing family does not run short interns of its features. Along with offering a powerful bass sound, it has some really improved dynamics that make the experience of listening to music absolutely surreal. The Sennheiser CX 300-II headphones offer powerful bass-driven stereo sound that is perfect. We love the warm yet detailed sound and the effective noise isolation further aids in improving your audio experience. Own them with a few simple steps of an online loan.

The All-new Sennheiser CX 300-ii Headphones
The All-new Sennheiser CX 300-ii Headphones

These lightweight earphones let you carry them around at your ease, and make it the best option for long term use for your music experience. The cables are asymmetrical to allow for convenient use and the CX 300-II comes with additional eartips and a carrying pouch. Has noise cancelling features which are usually what large headphones have, making it a product worth the buy. The ear tips allow for a customised fit, and it cuts out the noise of all your surroundings. The longer portion of the cord can be wrapped behind your neck and hence in the opposite ear, making sure they don’t keep falling off, and the chord doesn’t get stuck in too many places.

Make these yours by applying for a good option on an instant personal loan, and get benefits, the company is also offering a good 50% off on this product, making it all the more valuable. You always tend to misplace earphones, and hence these come with a carry case included, so you can keep them safe and also prevent the wires from wearing out too soon, which is usually what happens with most earphones.

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